Rose marie Realty dishonest


I won't go into details about what happened. For those of you who read this just know that this comment is the absolute truth. Not to be negative but to inform you.

I dealt with her on a personal note. Swindled, mislead, time wasted and simply tricked.

Yes she is polite and sweet as can be to certain clients when: the economy is rising, the company needs her to make sales and if she likes you. I seen her start from scratch and was asking me me about what name she should go with to name the company. So for you that had great success, blessings to you and your family. Dont be surprised by things in your contract. Then again that may not happen. But for those that have some comments that are unfortunately negative towards Rose Marie Realty they are definitely telling the truth.

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Rose Marie Realty...A Fake

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Things started of nice with buying a home with Rose and us and then when Mark Kynard(her loan officer) got involved everything went to ***.He blew us off from the beginning and then said "oh everything is good" you will get approved.Well I get ready to get my home and then BAM,they said" You don't qualify because we can't verify your income".He was actually fired from his job because of his conduct with us and then him and Rose went out on there own( which I didn't know because I would have dropped her right there)...

Then Rose found us another person to work with on our loan, but we only qualified for 110,000 dollar loan...All of a sudden Rose sent us to another realtor Mark Reed, she simply didn't have time for us.Mark never has called,emailed, or even attempted to get hold of us and neither has Rose.She dropped us like we were nothing.It makes me think...ARE ALL REALTORS THIS FAKE????

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For your information I was never grumpy with her and was always respectful because I was taught to treat people with respect untill they do something to you....SOMETHING YOU REALLY NEED TO LEARN.I used up my time,gas,patience also and we recieved NOTHING..HAD TO DO IT MYSELF TO GET IT DONE RIGHT.Like I said realtors are USELESS,especially when you can do something for yourself and get it done the RIGHT way, and actualy get the house you want.


Ya... that's right!


She had to babysit your grumpy butt :cry, use up her time and gas money, and all while she could have been making money with a REAL client.


to Realtor 4 KW #699413

For your information Realtor 4 k whatever; she is strongly in the right.Rose Marie Realty is a rip off.

I have dealt with her on a personal note. I watch her before she even came upwith the name of Rose Marie Realty. She swindles you with her looks and sweet talk. She has no idea what she's doing.

She just avoids the legal things to get by. Shes all about money and material things. Not about helping a family get into a happy home.

This is not to talk negative about her.

But its to inform people that don't know some of these realtors.So I completley understand the complaint, because she is definitely dishonest.

to Anonymous Seattle, Washington, United States #699460

Thank you!! Finally some one understands what I went thru!!! She is full of *** and dishonest.


Why dont you ask her *** since she is selling your listings...Like I said I have a home now so I am good:) Thanks for asking :grin


Hey, cry baby. You still didn't tell me how much money Rose made by lying.


Wow still name calling...very grown up lol...Actually I have a beautiful home now in keller where I wanted to be, and for some reason Rose couldnt put me there,I found everything on my own. It was so much easier with out all the REALTOR BULL@#$%......Like they say "birds of the same feather flock together" so your probably just as bad and dis-honest as her :grin. Have a great day, go sell some listings....Oh wait Rose is doing that for you..


So how much money did Rose make because she "lied" to you? You say I'm being unprofessional, but you are being a cry baby.

It's your fault you couldn't get the loan not theirs. So, how much money after spending their time and money on you did they make from you? How did it benifit them to lie?

Your the one who's fake.


Glad your so happy with rose!!!!!!YEAH, like I said she is very mis- leading.Very professional calling people names.

No wonder she's selling your listings for you!!! LOL ..... what incentive????

How about the money you make off the sale of the home???Like I said you guys are like CAR SALES MAN:)


I'm a realtor and I will let you know that Rose is awesome! She's selling one of my listings right now and she is one of the sweetest people you've ever met.

NO ONE LIED TO YOU! No one knows the future and things happen that keep a sale from going through. What incentive did they have to lie to you?????????? WHAT INCENTIVE DO THEY HAVE TO LIE IF THEY MAKE NO MONEY, YOU HALF WIT!!!!!

Realtors that lie (and everyone else in real estate...) lose their licenses. Most realtors are ethical and put the customer first, but always know who your working with.


All realtors are liars, there like car salesman :grin !!I had this experience also, where they tell you" oh you will get in, we can work everything out" Bullcrap!

They get your hopes up and then lie to you. It makes me not even want to get a house, would rather live in an apartment than go through the house buying process again. Who cares how many likes someone gets on facebook, trust me you can still have a bad experience!! As for Mark he is arrogant and lazy!!!

I hope nobody else experiences this much stress, misleading, heartache.Stay away from Rose Realty!


I'm not sure who you are but I've dealt with Rose for awhile and I've known Mark for years.I'm sorry Realtors still suck but you had to do something that was misleading because these two people have helped me and helped several others that I've referred to them when no one else could get them a loan.

I still refer friends and family to Mark and every company he's worked for since 2009. You say he was fired but every company he's worked for from DHI to Supreme Lending has an open door for him to come back whenever he wants. He just closed two more of my friends within the last month who were told NO at other companies.

Not to mention all of the praises that Rose is given on Facebook on a regular basis.It sounds to me like maybe you didn't get what you wanted when you wanted it and you have to find someone else to blame other than yourself.


That's great for you.....Our experience was horrible.We were lied too and got our hopes up. NOBODY lied about income either,they didnt know how to handle our unique situation. That's ok because we have a beautiful home now close to Keller where I wanted to be in the first place :)


Well Joan I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU...With us it was a diffrent case.She did verify our income and then promised the world and lied thru her teeth, but that's ok because we are in a beautiful home now.

I found a great Realtor who didnt lie and pass us of to someone else.We just wanted an honest person, and found that person...It wasnt Rose Realty!!

to Realtors still ***k Mansfield, Texas, United States #621545

I love it when you have a broke a$$ like yourself, especially ignorant. Do not produce any kids you will do society a favor.

to Anonymous Keller, Texas, United States #621600

I live in Keller, trust me I'm not broke:) We do have children that attend college as my husband and I also did. So your ignorant for talking about stuff you don't know. Looks like to me you need to educate yourself and leave me alone.


I just bought a home with Rose!When searching for her website, I found this!!

THIS IS CRAZY!!! Rose is the sweetest, kindest person that I have ever met!

She took such amazing care of us!Sorry to whoever said this, but you are WRONG!

to Joan Squires #699421

She pick and chooses who she wants to treat well. And depending where the ecomony is and how well the company is progressing....she will show more interest. So you were blessed to have great outcome.

She can be very dishonest amd missleading just to make her payments on things she's living beyond her means on.


During the initial stages of the home buying process, or the "pre-qualification stage," we ask people "what is your income?" We need to know this so we can get you pre-qualified to buy a home.Then we go out and look for homes that fall within your price range.

Occasionally someone will fib about how much they make. When it comes time to get all the paperwork in order, we are required by law to verify your income. That's not us "not verifying your income" ... That's you not making as much as you said you did!

We work with people all the time that buy homes for as little as $60,000. Come find us at ...

We'll take good care of you...As long as you are honest with us :)

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